Thursday, March 1, 2007

Liquid Watercolors, some ideas

Here’s a few favorite art ideas of mine with liquid watercolors:

• Cut out shapes from Contact paper and peel, then press lightly to paper.
Spray with fine mists of different colors. Dry slightly. Peel away contact
Paper shapes. Masking tape stripes work too. This is a form of stencil work.

• Refurbish stamp pads (not ones that use ink, but painty ones) with liquid watercolors.

• Draw with glue from squeeze bottle. Cover glue with salt. Touch paintbrush
dripping with liquid watercolor to the salt, and zOOooOOoommm goes the color
into the salt.

• Dampen white heavy paper with water. Paint on damp paper with liquid
watercolor. Blurry, like Monet.

• Color heavily with crayon on paper. Spray with liquid watercolor. Use a
spatula or scraper to spread the paint. Dry briefly. Like a resist,

• Paint with liquid watercolors. While still very wet, sprinkle with salt.
Salt crystallizes in the water of the paint, and spreads, blurs, blends the

* Liquid watercolors are available from Discount School Supply. Love’m.

And Sara Kruez says:
* Use a pair of scissors or pliers to open up the back of your markers and put a few drops of the liquid water color in the back of the marker to re ink or soak the tips of the markers overnight in the liquid water color that has been put in small film canisters

*Use the liquid water color and let the kids color their own items in a baggie, small tuna cans (liquid materials) or with a paint brush. Use the colored art materials to glue down or put in a sensory table or use for color sorting manipulatives. If the kids are going to use right away no need to dry over night or if you have a microwave you can cook them a short time to speed up the drying process. Don't get to hot for the kids to handle, though.
white sand
white cornmeal (I'm from Iowa) Use like colored sand
any plain non colored pasta: shell noodles, bowtie pasta, macaroni, ABC pasta
salt (use like glitter)
wooden popsicle sticks or any unfinished wooden shapes
corn syrup or sweetened condensed milk(pastel effect) use like paint on heavier
surfaces like light weight tagboard. Dries shiny
shaving cream
Puffy paint-equal parts of shaving cream and white glue (looks like neon paint on
black construction paper)

*use eyedroppers to inject color in/on/mix
clear Knox molded jello
ice with salt to watch color blend
mounds of shaving cream, snow
put drops of color on the little suction cups on the underside of bath mats then
lay white paper towels down to soak up the color. Variation cut the towels in
seasonal shapes snowmen,etc.
transfer color and plain water to mix different gradients of color in sections of a
white ice cube tray. I usually give two primary colors one each on opposite
corners of the tray with plain water in between. Some children will mix until all
the liquid mixtures in each section are the exact same grad of orange for
example (red and yellow used)

* Color coffee filters

* Float liquid water colors on liquid laundry starch marble it with a toothpick and
lay a piece of paper on top for color transfer

*Fill spray bottles:
spray color on paper covered with stencils for positive/negative images
spray large white sheet hung on fence outside-fun to watch colors blend
spray on white cornstarch use finger pump not trigger sprayers for finer mist
spray on snow

* color homemade playdough, bubble solution for colored bubbles

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