Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vote for MaryAnn to Win a Grant (by Dec. 31)

MaryAnn wants win the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant. If she wins, she will travel the USA in 2011 bringing art workshops to 6000+ teachers without art in their schools, ultimately impacting 150,000 children.

* Did you know that you can vote 3x a day? Add 75 votes per person by Dec. 31. Here's how:

1.) Direct vote at: http://www.refresheverything.com/greatartkids
(You have to sign up first with the program to be a verfied voter.)

2.) Text your vote - no sign up needed.
Text these numbers: 104840 To Pepsi's phone: 73774

3.) Go to Facebook and vote through the Pepsi Voting App.
This is pretty easy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art with Anything!

Art with Anything is the recent winner of the National Parenting Publications Awards as well as theParent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval

25th Anniversary Special!!

It's my
25th Anniversary
bringing art to children
through the books I write.
All through the coming year I will be doing special things to celebrate.

(for the rest of June and all of July 2010)
any Bright Ring book is yours
for $15.00 each including shipping and tax!
Big Anniversary Savings!
(Most books are $18.95, and shipping is usually $4.
See prices below each book.)

Write to me with your name and address,
and I'll send the books you wish, and ask that you pay by check to MaryAnn Kohl:

The books are:

great american artists for kidsdiscovering great artistsStorybook Art

Great American Artists Discovering Storybook Art
for Kids Great Artists

$18.95 NOW $15.00 $18.95 NOW $15.00 $18.95 NOW $15.00

Mudworksscience artsscribble art

Mudworks ScienceArts Scribble Art
$18.95 NOW $15.00 $18.95 NOW $15.00 $18.95 NOW $15.00

good earth art
$18.95 NOW $15.00 $14.95 NOW $12.00

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Artful Parent

One of my favorite blogs is "The Artful Parent" because not only does Jean Van't Hul give you art ideas, she shows pictures of children engaged in those activities. Take a peek!
Currently there are some amazing watercolor resists.

MaryAnn Kohl

MaryAnn Kohl
author of twenty books of art projects and activities for kids of all ages


About the Author, Educator, and Presenter

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Bellingham, WA, United States
Bright Ring Publishing was founded in 1985 with the first book by MaryAnn Kohl titled: Scribble Cookies: Creative Independent Art Experiences for Children. MaryAnn is the author of 20 books on art activities for children that value the process of creative art more than the finished product. View MaryAnn's books and sample art activities from all of her books at: http://www.brightring.com

MaryAnn Presents!

MaryAnn Kohl is available to travel to your location and host a keynote presentation followed by a hands-on art workshop on the topic of your choice. Favorite presentations currently include: "Enhancing Literacy Through Easy Art Experiences" and "Kids Discover the Great Masters". Check MaryAnn's website for full information on fees and meeting your particular needs. http://www.brightring.com