Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Art for Kids is a Process Not a Product: Art is a Process, Not a Product


Bright Ring said...

Exploration, Discovery, Experimentation. There is no right way and no wrong way for kids to create art. There is only their way. Give them the space and the time to use their right brains. No coach, no driving, no cost.

Bright Ring said...

If kids are copying an adult made sample, they are not engaged in art. They might be doing a craft or their work might be called "instructional art", or a project related to their science or math or social studies units. Art has an open end of expectation. The product is up to the child.

Bright Ring said...

Imagine Van Gogh or Monet making a stoplight "art" project from construction paper with a red circle, yellow circle, and green circle. Imagine -- really imagine! Would it look like a stoplight?

Woody said...

Fantastic News - Congratulations on you blog site. The more art teachers who get the word out there the better the world becomes.

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